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Frederick's of Chesterfield Average rate: 5.0

88 Old Hall Road, Brampton, Chesterfield S40 1HF
01246 275293

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All is not well in the sweet, jingle-jangle world of the ice-cream van. They have been with us - initially in horse-drawn form - since the 19th century, but in recent years the increasing availability of ice-cream in shops has driven many out of business and now, to make matters worse, many local councils have responded to health lobbyists by banning them from the streets. Frederick's of Chesterfield is a wonderful reminder of why it is worth fighting to keep them. The distinctive vans are a South Yorkshire and East Midlands institution. Some of the original 1950s fleet are still operative, and are given a run out for special occasions and film shoots. The modern fleet of 20, painted in the old sign-writing style in paint-box colours and in swirly vintage patterns, operates in and around the Peak District at allocated sites such as Hardwick Hall and Bakewell. The ice-cream tastes as good as the vans look - the vanilla recipe has remained unchanged since 1898, and the 'Real Italian Chocolate' is a gold medal winner and champion of champions at Britain's leading ice-cream awards. If you miss the vans on your travels, you can also visit Frederick's gelaterias in Bakewell, Derbyshire, and Queens Park, Chesterfield. Try the Bakewell Pudding flavour - a fantastic, jammy fusion of the local delicacy and the ice-cream that the company's founder Angelo Frederick brought with him from Italy in the 1870s.

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