So you fancy a closer look and perhaps a culinary adventure? See below to download The BMW 1 Series Good Food Ride in its entirety or just regional chunks of it. Click on Podcasts for the Taste Drives which are regional audio tours, with a choice of knowledgeable hosts, including Miranda Sawyer, Heston Blumenthal and Richard Corrigan. It is worth mentioning here that if you want to venture out yourself, go to the Destinations section and select a regional tour which comes complete with a map and directions. However, if you are more of an armchair participator or perhaps a passenger, there is a selection of features for your perusal in this section, on food-related subjects such as etiquette for the 21st century and the hidden scandal of farmers' markets.

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The BMW 1 Series Good Food Ride
The North East
The North West
Northern Ireland
The East Midlands
The West Midlands
East Anglia
The South East
The South West

The North East
Miranda Sawyer presents an audio food tour of the North East of England, from the outskirts of Newcastle across open moorland, the Cheviot Hills and on to the spectacular North Sea coast. Micky Curling samples freshly picked fruit, smoked kippers and dines in a treehouse in the grounds of the stunning Alnwick Castle with Karl Cristensen. An overview of the region is provided by Michelin-starred chef Richard Corrigan.

The North West
From the humble Kendal Mint cake to some of the most spectacular dining experiences in the country, the Lake District is the setting for this audio food tour presented by Miranda Sawyer. Micky Curling drives through magnificent scenery with Brian Mellor to assess the cuisine on offer to locals and tourists alike. Michelin-starred chef Richard Corrigan gives his view on the best the North West has to offer.

The awe-inspiring landscape and impressive cuisine of Scottish Highlands provide this instalment of Miranda Sawyer's audio food tour, from Inverness to the West coast. Mickey Curling enjoys award-winning haggis, takes in the fishing port of Ullapool and experiences a daring "choice-free" style of dining with Andrew Cameron. Michelin-starred chef Richard Corrigan highlights what to look out for.

The South East
Miranda Sawyer presents an audio food tour of the South East of England, which includes the court of kings, the village boasting "the world's best restaurant" and the country's capital city. Micky Curling samples recipes from Tudor England, a huge selection of cakes and scones, and some of the best curry in the country with Debbie Hearn. Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal discusses his own restaurant and his thoughts on the region.

East Anglia
Stunning coastline, beautiful flatlands and all that Norfolk and Suffolk have to offer served up in an audio food tour by Miranda Sawyer. Along with Colin Clarke, Micky Curling relives his childhood by the sea with smoked cheese, fresh fish and chips and old sweets. Heston Blumenthal, Michelin-starred chef and owner of The Fat Duck discusses what the region has to offer.

Different For Girls
Dining may have changed in the 21st-century, says Miranda Sawyer, but the gender divide is alive and kicking.

Tough Customers
British diners are getting stroppier, finds Chloe Diski. Now it's the chefs and waiters who suffer in silence.

Go West
Is Wales' success part of a growing east-west divide when it comes to food? asks Laura St Quinton.

Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere
Can Sunday lunch survive in the grazing age? asks Chloe Diski.

Knife And Fork With That, Sir?
Informal dining has become a complex affair, says Kevin Braddock. It's time we learned some manners.

Rogue Traders
Farmers' markets are a great success but some, finds Richard Benson, are not what they seem.

History In The Baking
Modern chefs are finding inspiration in the UK's lost culinary past, says Richard Benson.


Riddle and Finns Average rate: 5.0
Robin Mitchell of Soul Average rate: 5.0
The Anchorstone Café Average rate: 5.0
Maze Average rate: 5.0
L. Robson & Sons Ltd Average rate: 5.0

The Bell at Skenfrith
Frederick's of Chesterfield
The Oyster Shack
The Anchorstone Café
Fruitstock (Annual event taking place in August)

Podcast contributors

Miranda Sawyer
Award winning journalist Miranda Sawyer has written for a variety of publications including The Observer, The Mirror, The Face, Smash Hits, Vogue, Select and Time Out and has also served on a number of television panels. Miranda's book Park and Ride takes readers for a ride around suburban England.

Richard Corrigan
Richard Corrigan is the successful chef and patron behind Lindsay House in Soho. The Michelin starred restaurant has a menu of robust tastes and textures, emphasising Corrigan's Irish Celtic roots and the renowned chef was awarded "Outstanding London Chef" at the Carlton London Restaurant Awards.

Heston Blumenthal
Heston Blumenthal is the chef and owner of The Fat Duck, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant in the village of Bray in Berkshire. His eccentric culinary style is based upon a scientific approach to cooking, often referred to as 'culinary alchemy'. Heston is a contributor to The Sunday times and The Guardian.

Micky Curling
Micky spent seven years at Radio 1 working as a producer. In that time he was a regular voiceover on the station and featured in a number of mainstream programmes including Newsbeat. Since leaving the BBC earlier this year he has been working on sports outside broadcasts from Ascot and Wentworth.

Karl Cristensen
Karl Christensen is the Chairman of Northumbria Larder.

Brian Mellor
Brian Mellor is a Master Chef and proud champion of food from the North West.

Andrew Cameron
Andrew Cameron is a keen Scottish food champion who works with Scottish Food and Drink.

Debbie Hearn
Debbie is a member of the Guild of Food Writers and contributes to a range of food publications.

Colin Clarke
Colin Clarke is the Chief Executive of Tastes of Anglia, an organisation supporting the area's food industry.