The BMW 1 Series Good Food Ride is a food guide like no other. It is designed to take the reader on a gastronomic journey around the British Isles, stopping off here and there and sampling the best grub the country has to offer.

As a nation, we are becoming increasingly adventurous and cosmopolitan when it comes to eating. This probably has a lot to do with the farmers' markets, delis and food festivals that have become 21st-century staples. These rather pleasing aspects of modern life, have shaped us into a more discerning bunch when it comes to recognising the quality of produce and ingredients, and it also means we are more likely to travel the extra mile if it means we can get hold of fresher juice or novel cuisine. It was with this in mind that we decided to create a guide that celebrates and unifies food and driving.

To compile it, we have drawn on expert knowledge, but have tried to remain warm and accessible, to encourage the enjoyment of our rich culinary landscape.

The guide has been edited by bestselling author Richard Benson and takes the form of 101 destinations for eating and buying food, together with 11 regional tours; each designed to take the reader on a drive around a handful of special places to eat or buy food.

This website is designed to complement the printed guide and to maximise what it has to offer. So, depending on how adventurous and hungry you're feeling, you can dip in and out accordingly. For specific requests, the Destinations are searchable and if you have paid them a visit, you can rate them. Also in the Destinations section are the tours which are downloadable by region. The tours are complemented by a selection of podcasts which combined, provide the perfect chaperone. The podcasts can be found in the Downloads section.

So have a look, have a listen and go out there and explore what the UK has to offer.

We really do hope you enjoy the ride.

'The Good Food Ride' has been produced and published by BMW entirely independently of 'The Which? Good Food Guide'. It does not contain any content from, and has not been endorsed by, 'The Which? Good Food Guide' in any way. Which? Limited has given special permission for BMW to use the title 'The Good Food Ride'. www.which.co.uk/goodfoodguide


Riddle and Finns Average rate: 5.0
Robin Mitchell of Soul Average rate: 5.0
The Anchorstone Café Average rate: 5.0
Maze Average rate: 5.0
L. Robson & Sons Ltd Average rate: 5.0

The Bell at Skenfrith
Frederick's of Chesterfield
The Oyster Shack
The Anchorstone Café
Fruitstock (Annual event taking place in August)