Here's where our contributors share their favourite places from the guide and where we post seasonal suggestions. There is also a list of superfood recommendations for the health-conscious among you.

Contributors' Favourites
Here are the editorial team's favourite places from the guide.

Editor - Richard Benson
Farndale Suckler Sale
The most sumptuous and genuine farmhouse tea

Managing Editor - Nina Whitby
The Brogdale Horticultural Trust
The best fruit juice

Writer / Researcher - Dan Johnson
Wigan Athletic
The meatiest football pies

Writer / Researcher - Laura St Quinton
Winteringham Fields
The best place for a clean weekend

Top 5 places for a superfood fix

1. Brocksbushes Fruit Farm
This is a wonderful place to pick your own fruit which, as we all know, is packed full of vitamins.

2. Sparky Brand
Did you know that one pomegranate delivers 40 per cent of an adult's daily vitamin C requirement? Sparky Brand goes one better and produces Omega 3-enriched pomegranate juice.

3. L. Robson & Sons Ltd
Studies show that eating oily fish dramatically reduces the risk of having a heart attack, even in older adults. Get your dose with a kipper tea at Robson's restaurant.

4. De Grey's
Tea, the drink loved by all Britons has a range of useful properties and is a rich source of antioxidants. Enjoy the quintessentially English tipple at De Grey's, a quintessentially English tea shop.

5. Heatherslaw Corn Mill
Breads containing a lot of seeds and wholegrain have a low GI, which can protect against heart disease. Drop in to Heatherslaw Mill and watch a batch being baked before your very eyes.
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Seasonal suggestions

The long hot summer may be behind us, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to enjoy good food. In fact, the winter ushers in a whole host of new gastronomic treats and opportunities. Here are our top five recommendations to stave off the chilly weather;

012 The Most Welcoming Fire On A Cold Day, The Lifeboat Inn
016 The Best Traditional Seaside Fish And Chips, Flora Tea Rooms
092 The Most Wild And Windswept, The Lion Inn
095 The Meatiest Football Pies, Wigan Athletic Football Club
099 The Best At Christmas, Lindsay House

Britain is famous for its unpredictable weather and when the sun does shine, we like to make the most of it while it lasts. All of these places provide opportunities for fine al fresco experiences and make the most of our country's beautiful and varied landscape.

002 The Best For Drinking Champagne By The River, The Bell at Skenfrith
011 The Most Stylish Ice-Cream Vans, Frederick's of Chesterfield
027 The Most Authentic Seafood Shack, The Oyster Shack
064 The Best Riverside Hideaway, The Anchorstone Café
098 The Jolliest Food Festival, Fruitstock (Annual event taking place in August)


Riddle and Finns Average rate: 5.0
Robin Mitchell of Soul Average rate: 5.0
The Anchorstone Café Average rate: 5.0
Maze Average rate: 5.0
L. Robson & Sons Ltd Average rate: 5.0

The Bell at Skenfrith
Frederick's of Chesterfield
The Oyster Shack
The Anchorstone Café
Fruitstock (Annual event taking place in August)